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Taylor for her polka dot skirt with a striped shirt dark red bow belt, just right! Dolce & Gabbana black square bag and black Mary Janes cingulate in high heels the whole shape flawlessly.Michael Kors outlet.
Colored plaid shirt with mint green AG stovepipe pants, brown oxford shoes and a red bag can find echoes of color stripes.
Taylor proficient gorgeous retro style. ModCloth dark retro floral dress, with a forest green Elie Saab bag, not in the ear of a pearl hairpin, with moss green shoes, full of Western Sen female style!
Tyler Michael Michael Kors shirt dress indigo dress both casual and sexy, dark holes heels also own highlights.
Taylor dressed as going out to enjoy the sunlight look. Striped jacket with a dark gray A-line skirt, quite the elegance of the 1960s, her lower body moss green shoes to fill "gaps" in worthy of commendation.
Taylor's ladies dress very successful. Black and white checkered short-sleeved shirt highlights the fine is a hierarchical design lapel round neck and waist, and with a dark blue knee-length pencil skirt, slim and dignified two do not delay. Bright red satchel and elegant beige oxford heels also finishing touch.
Famous American singer Taylor - Swift (Taylor Swift) is recognized as the fashion street shoot goddess. She must have been each trip paparazzi, her style Variety, seemingly casual dress also see her tastes and intentions. Although we do not her angelic face, you can also learn skills with her ​​class in the last 10 shot in the street. Taylor with a long shirt and burgundy calf socks to balance her slightly giddy sense of this scalloped shorts, fedoras with red wine and brown oxford shoes echoed seen enough thought in the minds of seemingly under order become Queen Street!
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